Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy reflects our commitment to ensuring that your personal data is treated with the highest care in terms of confidentiality, to protect your privacy and to ensure that your business matters remain held in trust.
By browsing this website (the “Website”) and/or communicating with us by any means, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with such policy or certain of its provisions, we ask that you please notify us immediately in writing and discontinue from browsing our Website. We will then take into consideration your comments and will proceed to any reasonable adjustment to our Privacy Policy you may require, as long as such adjustments are more protective of your Personal Data than our current Privacy Policy.

Personal Data we process

The Personal Data you may provide to us (e.g. your name, email and postal address, telephone numbers, domicile, language, residence, etc.) and the content of your communications may be processed. This Personal Data may also include information related to your employees, contractors, representatives and agents. The Personal Data provided may also include additional information available from public sources such as online media contents for the purpose of efficiently communicating with you.

Attorney-Client privileged data and encryption

Our policy is to protect our clients’ interests by ensuring that information passed on to us by our clients is treated as strictly confidential and accessible internally on a strict need-to-know basis. To provide the highest level of confidentiality we can reasonably obtain, all our client information is encrypted on the go and stored on external servers with point-to-point encryption. As a result, external providers cannot process such information which is first encrypted and obfuscated before any upload. For our emails, we provide an encryption certificate public key with our emails that our clients may activate in their email clients to encrypt their emails to us. We also request that our clients communicate to us their public encryption key so that we may also verify their messages and encrypt our messages. Point-to-point encryption protects data from any processing on email servers.

Personal Data processing

The Personal Data collected is processed only for (i) communicating with you, including through newsletters and invitations, (ii) keeping your contact details updated and available for any communication from us to you and making sure that we can authenticate information you send, (iii) invoicing our legal services and tracking our time. Personal Data will be used for providing our services to you, responding to your enquiries, providing access to our Website, managing our relationship, providing client support, keeping you informed on news, events and changes of regulations, and for fraud and unlawful activities detection and compliance with policies, procedures and laws.
We do not sell or otherwise transfer your Personal Data to third parties unless required to do so by mandatory statutes of law or regulation or with your consent for completing applications and filings we are requested to make on your behalf.
We do not monitor behaviour, location, previous decisions and do not process Personal Data for profiling, artificial intelligence and automated decision-making.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of data that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website.
You may change your browser settings to delete and block cookies. By continuing to use our Website without changing your settings you consent to our use of cookies.

Consent to processing your Personal Data

By browsing this Website and/or communicating with us you agree to our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy and our Cookie Policy.
You have the right to access to your Personal Data at any time and to refuse that we process your Personal Data by notifying us in writing. You may write to us in this respect at etude (a) wan-avocats .ch
Please note that a limited processing of your Personal Data will, however, be necessary for invoicing our legal services using your name, postal address and tax identification number for VAT purposes and for communicating with you by email.
We will process your Personal Data either on the basis of your consent where we request it, when we need to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, and for our legitimate interests to provide our services to you.