Seamless legal services for seamless pan-European operations

Our Law Firm which is registered with the Geneva Bar and the Paris Bar and our European regulatory and compliance experts will advise and assist you to file for and obtain an operating licence in the EEA. Such licence will then enable your local EEA subsidiary or branch (depending on the licence requirements) to operate seamlessly throughout the EEA as we will assist you in passporting your EEA licence from one member state to another. 

When required as part of the chosen setup, our Law Firm will handle for you the incorporation of a local subsidiary or, subject to licence requirements, the registration of a branch, which will become the licence holder for your operations within the EEA.

A one-stop shop for legal services and regulatory technical assistance

With us you will have a one-stop shop legal partner for your EEA licensing requirements, with the capacity to fulfil your legal, regulatory and compliance management needs to implement your regulated activities in the EEA.

Our Law Firm works with Deontea Limited, a European Regulatory Practice, and Swiss Compliance Services, a Compliance Management firm based in Geneva. 

As a result of this cooperation, we can provide a full range of services from corporate law to specific guidance and support in submitting requests for initial authorizations or variations of existing permissions in the UK, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. We assist our clients in negotiating with the relevant National Competent Authorities (e.g. FCA, ACPR/AMF, FINMA or CSSF), designing their regulatory business plans, setting up all the necessary policies and operational procedures, and ensuring that their arrangements are sufficient and fit for purpose.

We will also take care of legal issues under the GDPR related to EEA citizens’ personal data and their potential transfer to your UK headquarters. 

Our goal is to deliver the legal and regulatory know-how with a focus on efficiency

Certain NCAs such as the French ACPR enable filings and applications in English. Therefore, working outside the UK is straightforward and you will feel at home when applying for your EEA licence through us.

WAN Avocats

WAN Avocats is a group of independent lawyers in Paris and Geneva who provide high yield legal consultancy to local and international corporations in a wide range of areas including Corporate Law, Banking and Financial Law, Competition Law, IT&IP, Labour Law and Contracts.